White Metal Jewelry Guide

White Metal Jewelry Guide
Our white metal choices (from left to right): Wind and Waves in Platinum, the Continuous Garden Gate in Palladium, the Narrow Tulip Braid in Palladium, the Celtic Hunt in Stainless Steel, the Persephone with garnets in Sterling Silver and Extra Narrow Starry Night with Diamonds in 14K White Gold.

White Metal Jewelry Guide: In our white metal jewelry guide we compare platinum, palladium, white gold, silver and stainless steel.

If you prefer the cooler tones, the sparkle of diamonds or sapphires set into a white metal, you may be pondering what the key differences are between white gold, platinum and palladium.
Platinum vs Palladium
Which Metal is Better for a Wedding or Engagement Ring
The most defining issue for most people in whether to choose platinum vs. palladium is that palladium is half the price of platinum.
18K White Gold vs 14K White Gold
If you want white gold, we recommend the 14K white which has more alloy to make it whiter and more durable. Plus, the 14K white is less expensive.
Silver vs Stainless Steel
Both silver and stainless steel are budget friendly alternatives to gold or platinum. Both white metals hold up over years, though stainless steel rings are much more durable than silver.
Compare Hardness of White Metals
Those who are hard on their wedding rings would benefit from choosing from the toughest metals: stainless steel, palladium, platinum and 14K white gold.