Recycled Precious Metal In Jewelry

Recycled Precious Metal In Jewelry
These rings have been made with recycled metal, but we are in the process of integrating fairtrade gold into our production now. We will bring in fairtrade silver when it becomes available.

Using recycled metals has symbolic meaning, but it does not diminish the atrocities associated with large scale precious metal mining. We are transitioning to fairtrade gold now.
Using Recycled precious metals in jewelry has no positive impact on mining practices worldwide. Recycled precious metals are not as ethical as fairtrade metals.
Recycled Silver
Demand for fairtrade silver is high, yet only a few hundred pounds of it is being produced monthly. When it becomes available, we will make our jewelry with it. Until then, we make our silver jewelry from recycled silver.
Recycled Gold
We buy gold at 93% market value from our customers and apply the dollars toward the purchase of a new fairtrade gold ring or other jewelry. In April 2015, we became the first licensed fairtrade jeweler in the US.
Recycled Platinum
Ideally, we would be sourcing platinum from fairtrade gold mines. But at this time, platinum obtained from fairtrade sources is extremely rare. Our platinum is from recycled sources.
Recycled Palladium
As there is no fairtrade palladium available, all of our palladium rings are made with 100% recycled palladium.