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Are you looking to purchase an ethically-sourced Diamond? This video will tell you how.

Learn About Choosing a Diamond

Lab Grown vs Canadian Mined vs Recycled Diamonds
Canadian mined diamonds, recycled diamonds, and lab grown diamonds each have their benefits and drawbacks.
Diamond Specifications and Grading: The Six C’s
The six important factors to consider when purchasing a diamond are what we call the Six C's: Conscience, Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat and Certification.
SI 1 vs SI 2 Diamonds
We generally recommend a SI 1 G/H diamond. The difference between SI 1 and SI 2 diamonds may be very subtle and only noticeable to a trained expert.

Diamond Ethics

“Boycott Conflict Free Diamonds”
“Conflict free” diamond certification is a cover-up for the death of 3.7 million Africans, and creates an “ethical jewelry” narrative which ignores supporting small-scale diamond miners through fair trade. It also allows the industry to bypass human rights atrocities, environmental degradation, and corruption.
The Truth About Conflict Free Diamonds
Marc Choyt, President of Reflective Jewelry, explains his strong personal objections to the use of the term "conflict free diamonds."
“The Kimberley Process is Bullshit”
The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, the basis of the “conflict free” narrative, has been widely rebuked by diamondteers and even the NGOs that helped found it.
Conflict Free Diamond Spin
Jewelers branding themselves as “ethical” reinforce the Kimberley Process by using the term “conflict free diamonds.” Yet at the same time, they denounce the shortcomings of Kimberley Process—which is the foundation of “conflict free” diamond marketing.
Death of the Fair Trade Diamond
De Beers, who purchased diamonds that funded wars resulting in the death of 3.7 million people, now controls the industry’s high-profile initiative to assist small-scale diamond miners in Sierra Leone. An independently certified fair trade diamond would have a profound impact, which is why the diamond sector will never allow it.

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Browse Our Canadian Mined Diamonds Database
We source our mined diamonds from a Canadian diamond company.
Browse Our Lab Grown Diamonds Database
Our online selection of lab grown diamonds comes from Diamond Foundry, the most ethical supplier in the industry. They are based in San Francisco creating American jobs, certified carbon neutral, and ensure fair labor practices at their cutting facility in China.
Custom Diamond Rings
What defines our distinctive style is our skill level as jewelers. The energy of the artisan, the love of craft and long-honed skill, is transferred into the piece itself, making it more beautiful, enduring, and talismanic.