Choosing Engagement Ring Settings

Choosing Engagement Ring Settings
Our gemstone settings can range from designer, as shown in this photo, to classic, as shown below.

Engagement ring mounts or settings determine how your gemstone is featured. Prong mounts, bezel settings, split mounts and custom mounts are all possible stylistic choices, and each has its own appeal.

Choosing Engagement Ring Settings
Select from among prong mounts, bezel settings, split mounts and custom mounts from our handmade engagement rings.

The terms, "setting" and "mount" refer to how a gemstone is actually placed into a ring, which is both a practical necessity and an important stylistic choice. This brief article will help you understand the possibilities when choosing an engagement ring from our collection.
Split Mount
For round stones, we recommend split mounts. They are open on the sides, allowing plenty of light. They show the gems beautifully, as illustrated in the Extra Narrow Water lilies ring It is also possible to set the split mount low against the ring, so the gem is not as prominent, as shown in the Windsor ring with a sapphire You must let us know at the time of ordering that you want the gem set low.

Split mounts are stronger than prong mounts. We personally feel they are more elegant as well.

Prong Mount

The most traditional setting in an engagement ring is the prong mounts. Prongs are made for any gem shape. The big advantage with prong mounts is the gemstone is featured prominently and the light is maximized. The main disadvantage is that prongs do not hold up as well as other mounts, though we use very high quality prong mounts, as shown in our Flores Engagement Ring. The metal that holds the gem in place should be checked after a few years. Also, some people do not like the prong mount style.

Bezel Settings

Bezel settings refer to a style of mount where metal surrounds the gemstone completely. Bezel settings in engagement rings are strong because the gem is contained within metal. We can mount just about any gemstone using a bezel setting.

Tube setting, as shown with our simplicity engagement ring, are a specific type of bezel setting. Tube mounts come either straight or in a slight "V" shape. You decide how you'd like it, or we will make a recommendation.

These mounts also allow you the option of setting the gem actually lower into the ring. Another interesting option is the Rope Engagement ring, shown on the right. We can actually use this mount with any of our styles. We can also just set the gem into the band itself, as opposed to setting it on top of the ring.

How low a gem can be set is determined by the actual size of the gem. Low settings are generally preferred by two groups of people: those with active lifestyle and those who prefer understatement. A gemstone that is set low into a ring is also less likely to get knocked about on an object or caught on the threads of a sweater.

Some people are concerned that setting a diamond into a ring as opposed to a prong mount of split mount will reduce the sparkle. Yet diamonds and other gemstones look great whether they are featured in a prong, split mount or bezel setting.

Gypsy or Flush Setting

We can set small any gem you would like directly into the metal, as in our Garden Gate engagement ring. On the left, with our Medieval ring we place the rubies and sapphires in small gold tube bezels, which are set in the ring. Small bezels are necessary on for rings when the gemstones are larger than 2.5mm; otherwise, the gem would stick out inside the ring and irritate the finger.

With our Medium Flores ring, we set the diamonds into the metal. This latter type of setting is known as gypsy or flush setting. We choose what we believe looks best. This stone setting is guaranteed for life. If a gem is lost due to defective workmanship, we will replace it for free.

For gemstone choices, generally, rubies, sapphires and diamonds are the most popular and they also hold up best over time. However, we can set any gem you would like in our rings.

Designer Mounts

We also have a few other settings that are not as traditional for wedding rings, but have more of a designer feel. This designer mount on our Keltie ring is one of our favorites. We can set this mount on just about any of our rings.

A final considerations: the metal on the ring will match the metal that we use to make the mount. If it is a two tone ring, we will produce the ring as shown on our site, or contact you if we feel a need to discuss the issue. The mount metal choice often comes up on custom designs.