Custom Jewelry

The energy of the artisan, the love of craft and long-honed skill, is transferred into the piece itself, making it more beautiful, enduring, and talismanic.
What defines our distinctive style is our skill level as jewelers. Almost any jewelry company—including us—can design something on a computer, send it to a modeling machine, and cast it out. But we often carve our own waxes by hand, and specialize in bench fabrication—working from sheet and wire.
Custom Jewelry Design Process

Our maker tradition includes anvils, hammers, and forging tools dating back to the days of the Spanish Conquistadors—who settled in Santa Fe, the location of our studio. Our handmade custom jewelry design process is

Reusing Old Gold to Make a New Wedding Ring

If you’re wondering what to do with your old earrings, or what to do with an old engagement ring or wedding rings, or are interested in resetting grandma’s diamonds into a new ring, we can help!

Repurpose Old Jewelry into New Jewelry

We’ll transform your old gold and gems into a brand new custom jewelry design! Learn how we redesign old jewelry, the cost of repurposing jewelry, + see photos of jewelry redesign before and after

Resetting Diamonds and Gemstones

Are you looking to reset diamonds or gemstones in a new piece? Whether it’s resetting diamonds into a new ring, redesigning or resetting your engagement ring, or setting gemstones in a pendant or necklace, we can help. Find out more

Examples of Our Custom Jewelry Work

Our Custom Jewelry Designs Pinterest Board is chock full of creative ideas for your project, and gorgeous examples of our Santa Fe craftswomanship!

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