Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition
Reflective Jewelry is recognized in its home town of Santa Fe and nationally for its award winning pioneering practices in ethically sourced artisanal designer jewelry.

"Reflective Jewelry has shown great leadership in becoming the first jeweler using Fairtrade gold in the USA. This move in the world's largest jewelry market has the potential to send ripple effects across the globe."
– Harriet Lamb, CEO of Fairtrade International.
We have been honored over the years in three areas:
  • Our work advocating ethical sourcing in the jewelry sector.
  • Our local and statewide business practices in leadership.
  • Our business-to-business practices with other companies.

In 2019, our company was named Santa Fe New Mexico's Green Business of the Year by our City and Chamber of Commerce.

2014: The City of Santa Fe, New Mexico awarded Reflective Jewelry a "Sustainable Santa Fe" award for our exemplification of the "triple bottom line" approach to business.

2012: Our President, Marc Choyt, was honored in a New Mexico statewide award as one of New Mexico's Sustainable Business Leaders.

2010: The NGO, Jewelers That Care, named Reflective Jewelry as Retailer of the Year for our efforts to bring greater ecological and social justice to the jewelry world.

2010: Earthworks, the NGO responsible for the No Dirty Gold campaign gave Reflective Jewelry an 'A', the highest rating given to any jewelry company for responsible sourcing and for the promotion of ethically sourced gold.

2009: OC Tanner Corporation, the world's leading Premium and Recognition Company, named Reflective Jewelry Superior Supplier; just one out of three vendors named from a group of 300. We previously won this honorable award in 2008, 2006, and 2005 as well.

2008: The City of Santa Fe, New Mexico named Reflective Jewelry Business of the Year for the treatment of our employees, visionary practices, and for our leadership in ethical practices in the jewelry sector.

2006: We were honored as one of Santa Fe's top small businesses this year, by the City of Santa Fe.