Ethical Sapphires

Ethical Sapphires
Gemstone cutters in Sri Lanka, working at their bench.

Ethical Sapphires: Our ethical sapphires are from a small scale mining Sri Lankan cooperative. Our ethical sapphires are also cut in Sri Lanka.

An ancient story describes the sapphires as originating from Vela, a primordial god. In a great battle his body was ripped apart. His eyes, cobalt globes of fire and stardust, broke apart, shattering into a million pieces. These fragments became the sapphires of Sri Lanka.

Symbolically, the god Vela represents primordial essence from the fire, rock and pressure that formed the earth. Yet looking into a sapphire, you can sense the elemental purity akin to mysterious blue starlight.

We believe that the cornflower blue Sri Lankan sapphires are the most beautiful in the world. Most of our sapphires are in the medium-dark range.

Looking into a sapphire, you can sense the elemental purity akin to mysterious blue starlight.

Our sapphires are from a small-scale mining operation in Sri Lanka. There are eight miners and a foreman. They work cooperatively as shareholders. Each member of the group gets a percentage of the sale. Mining is done by hand, which means that the supply will last throughout generations.

The sapphires are cut in Sri Lanka by a local facility that has excellent working conditions and pays above the going rate; in order to attract, keep and nurture highly skilled cutters. Cutting in Sri Lanka provides additional downstream local economic benefits for the local community.

The polishing factory funds a school and pays for the schooling of its employees. It also provides a subsidized canteen and helps to cover accommodations.

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